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Festivals in Hydra ...

Hydra offers to its quests the opportunity, inside from a variety of local customs and activities, to entertain themselves and get in touch with the navy tradition.
A big festival, called Miaoulia, takes place in Hydra the weekend closest to the 21st June, to honor Admiral Miaoulis, a most important man of the Greek Revolution in 1821.
The festival lasts for three days and it is a part of the "Navy Week".
During Miaoulia one can see custom dances and sports among the others.

Miaoulia come to its closure with fireworks and the representation of the burning of the turkish flagship the last day of the festival.
Every July takes place in Hydra the International Festival of puppet show.
It's a non-profit festival and it is done with the Kind cooperation of Sweden.
The actors don't get paid and the audience, who come to see the marvelous plays, do not pay for a ticket.
It is a very interesting and beautiful festival which has got many supporters, among them and Eberchar Ebne.
The puppet show is done every year and gives a breath of life to Hydra and a chance for the local people and the tourists to get to know puppets and puppeteers.
During the summer and not only, many pieces of art are exhidited, mostly, famous paintings and take place musical festivities and concerts.
Very famous in Hydra is the Carnival where tourists and local people can take part and enjoy.

Greek Orthodox Easter in Hydra is a unique experience, from the majestic Orthodox services held outdoors in candlelight on Good Friday and Good Saturday, to local customs like immersing the Epitaph in the sea, on Good Friday evening, in Kamini beach.

It is a great opportunity to enjoy custom dances during the day and fireworks at night.
The Resurrection of our Lord, in Good Sunday, is done in a candlelight atmosphere, with fireworks.

In 14 of November is held a festival to commemorate the martyr Saint Konstantinos of Hydra, whom his Church was built to the place that his house used to be, in "Kiafa".

In Hydra takes place many meetings like the Orthodox Scientific Meeting, which first create the Bishop of Hydra Ierotheos.

The visitor can take part to many festivities that keep their traditional way, like the festival of the eight Saint Protectors of Hydra (24th June).



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