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... Ideal place for inspiration and creation

Hydra, from the 50's, has been one of the most importand cultural centers, which has been gathering famous personas of Arts and Literature from Greece and abroad. This has rendered Hydra as a center of artistic creatio. The cultural way of life owes a great deal to the Hydraian painter Gikas. Also from Hydra is the modern poet Miltos Saxtouris.

Deeply connected to the Island are the painters and also the writers writers Nick Xatzikiriakos-Gikas, Panag. Tetsis, Kostas Vizantios, Seferis, Elitis, Eggonopoulos, Petsalis, Pikionis and Henry Miller and many other artists and cultural people, who came to the Island and love it, recongnizing to it the ideal place of inspiration and creation.

The painter Periklis Vizantios (1893-1971), in 1936 with the former director of the School of Arts, formed the division of the School of Arts, which accommodated the Manor of Admiral Tomopazi. There, importand people of the Arts and Literature have been housed, such as Chagall and the writer Daninos.
Amongst the foreign artists,who connected their names to Hydra, is the famous singer and writer Leonard Cohen.

In 1960, Mixalis Kakogiannis filmed the movie "The girl in black", which advertised the Island of Hydra all around the world.

The Greek photographer Kostas Bergas with its album "HYDRA", gives the look of the Island in 2000.

This album is very beautiful but it is also and a part of history. Today in Hydra, the famous painter Grigoris Christeas, exhibits its paintings to the Historical Museum of Hydra.
From all these, Hydra has been well known to many people,
who loved and admired the Island of Hydra and stil want to visit it.



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