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Admiral Andreas Miaoulis
Andreas Miaoulis was born in Hydra in 1769.

His real name is Andreas Bokos.

When he was 16 years old he took in command the Ship his father owned.

During the Napoleon War he broke many times the blockade of the English and earned many money from the sea commerce.

Also he won the pirates in the greek waters and not only there.

During the Revolution he was co-commander of the fleet of Hydra with Tombazi and the next year became commander.

In 1822 he stopped the replenishment of the turks in the place Nauplio and he managed to break the Turkish blockage and give food and water to the people in the place Mesologi.

In 1823 he won the turks in the place Artemisio and in 1824 in Geronta.

In 1825 he stopped the replenishment of Imbraim in Peloponnesus and damaged the Egyptian fleet in the place Methoni.

He died in Athens in 1835.



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