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The folkways in Hydra ...

As in whole Greece, hence and in Hydra, the island's folkways are of great interest to the tourists and the local people.
One of these is the traditional Wedding that takes place in Hydra.
It starts with the traditional making of the bed, in which friends and relatives of the married-to-be throw on to the sheets money.
The eve before the wedding the future bride is being shampooed and combed from other married women.
Often the bride does not wear a wedding dress, but the traditional clothing of Hydra.
New Years Eve, the doors of the houses stay opened for the welcoming of the visitors.

The house owner hangs a ribbon to the quest's neck and invites him for supper.

Very famous in Hydra is the annual Carnival where tourists and local people can take part and enjoy.

The festival is going around all the paths of the main city of Hydra and it ends at the port with fireworks, as entertainment continues all the night.
Greek Orthodox Easter in Hydra is a unique experience.

From the majestic Orthodox services held outdoors in candlelight on Good Friday and Good Saturday, to local customs like immersing the Epitaph in the sea, on Good Friday evening, in Kamini beach.
The Ressurection of Jesus Christ on Good Sunday is being held in a very religious atmosphere and with the light of the candles.
This ends with the traditional burning of Juda.

It is a great opportunity for anyone to enjoy custom dances during the day and fireworks at night.



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