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Museum of History and Archives
It is located near the Harbour Authorities.
Telephone : 22980-54142

In the ground floor are displayed exhibits from the Balkan wars and from the 1st and 2nd world wars. In this floor, it runs a picture-gallery and are displayed heirlooms and souvenirs from the Greek Revolution. In the Museum, it is also housed the public Library of Hydra with old and valuable books, codes and archives from 18th and 19th
century, very valuable also and of historic value

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Ecclesiastic and Byzantine Museum
It is located to the Church of Dormition.

The Museum is housed to the Church of Dormition, where the old prison used to be. It is a small Ecclesiastic and Byzantine Museum, in which are displayed canonicals, relics, oblations and icons from the 18th century.
The Church had been destroyed from an earthquake in 1750, but it reconstructed a few years later from Venetian architects. It used to be a Monastery.

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Outlier of the National Historic Museum - Manor of Lazaros Kountouriotis
Telephone : 22980-52421

Inside the Manor of Lazaros Kountouriotis are displayed family heirlooms, personal belongings, paintings from the famouw painters Periklis and Kostantinos Vizantios and exhibits from the folkoric and historical collections, which belong to the National Museum of History.

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After-Byzantine Art Museum -
Manor of George Kountouriotis
It is located to the west side of the harbour, to the bank of the hill.

Inside the Manor of George Kountouriotis are displayed personal belongings and family heirlooms and exhibits from the Modern History of Hydra. In 1979, the heirs of George Kountouriotis donated the Manor to the Historical and Ethnological Institute.

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School of Art
It is located to the left side of the port

It is near the statue of Kountouriotis and is housed to the Manor of Tompazi. In the interior of the Manor there are paintings with battleships and historical events, hanging on the walls.

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Merchant Marine Academy
It is located to the left side
of the port

The Academy is housed to the building that used to belong to the Captains Anastasio Tsamado and Athanasio Kouloura. The Manor has been given to the state exclusively for the run of the Academy.

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